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06:00 Bhakthi Geetahalu
06:30 Daiva Dharshanam
07:00 Slot
07:30 Bhagavatham
08:01 Slot
08:30 Tollywood News
09:00 Slot
09:30 Movie
12:00 Live - Crazy Feeling
13:00 Slot
13:30 Samsaram Serial
14:00 Slot
15:00 Slot
15:30 Just New
16:30 Movie Chit Chat
17:00 Slot
18:00 Live Mazak Muchatlu
19:00 Slot
20:00 Slot
21:00 Slot
22:00 Slot
22:30 Tollywood News
23:00 Slot
24:00 Vissa Songs

Raj group of channels is one of the leading and competitive channels in India. It is one of the first and most successful channels in South region. Raj’s diverse offerings in news, music and entertainment capability in delivering high quality programming to audiences in India and to the South Asian community across the region. Raj delivers the channels in multilingual Indian languages.

Popularity par excellence among people in places we serve, for our program and practices. Proactive approaches leading to better perception of all the products and services of the brand Raj, Globally. Retain the platform for the masses and truly a people's channel as in the past, the present and the future.

Raj Channel starts with Tamil Entertainment as Raj TV and expanded with Movies, NEWS and Musics. In the South region Raj is the first channel starts the other Indian languages in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam as Entertainment, Movies, NEWS and Musics.

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